Is the Dell Latitude 5591 “better” than the Dell Latitude 5590?

Isn’t Dell the maker of the most widespread household (PC) laptop computers?

For the most part, yes. Technically no. I personally think they have been the most reliable for the money laptops in the past 15 years.

Moving on to the details, first let’s look at the Dell Latitude 5591 and Dell Latitude 5590 side-by-side , rather top to bottom , default specification overview:

dell latitude 5591 laptop

dell latitude 5590


The short answer to the question is the Dell Latitude 5591.

The main reason why is the main difference in the CPU processor.  The i7 of the 5591 out performs the i5 in the 5590

The GPU is also a more powerfull version in the 5591.

The RAM stock amount is 8GB DDR4 which doesn’t matter much for this particular questions since its the same amount however more importantly the RAM can be easily upgraded versus the other major components.

Keep in mind, the questions is “which is better”?  The question you might find more reasonable is “which one is better for me”?

They are both high end work horse laptops, they can handle gaming and high loads of computing.  Most users I would say don’t need the power includeded in these two laptops however for the sake of the question I am sticking with my answer as the 5591 being the winner.

Also worth mentioning is the laptop screens / displays : They are have different versions or the option of 15.6″ HD, FULL HD, OR FULL HD WITH TOUCH.

If you ever need more information on laptop screen replacement issues or general questions we do carry these.

Also worth noting is overall the 5591 is all around more equipped and more modern in terms of latest technology , software, and inputs/outputs.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!